Matt Sorger Ministries


Here at Matt Sorger Ministries our heart is not only to see the church raised up in power with each member fulfilling their God-given destiny and call but also to see the harvest fields of the world reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to see the fire of God in the church, on the church and released through the church to the world.

We also want to see a new breed of godly leaders raised up, trained, equipped, empowered and released into their God-given callings and mandates as well as minister encouragement, training and refreshing to those who have been faithfully fulfilling their call in God. We have a heart to see leaders filled with the Holy Spirit in a fresh way and encouraged in their ministry and walk with God.

To implement this vision we have established multiple departments within Matt Sorger Ministries.

1. National and International Conferences and Regional Church Gatherings

This is where Matt and his team minister to the body of Christ in conference and regional local church settings. Matt preaches and teaches a fresh word from the Lord, prays for the sick and moves in a prophetic flow. Many people receive both physical and emotional healing as God's power and presence comes upon them. Many are also confirmed and released into their destiny as the prophetic word is released.

2. MSM Media: Television, Podcasts, Books, CD's, DVD's, MP3's, MP4's

MSM reaches the global masses through our show Power for Life. Matt has had several appearances on Christian TV including TBN, Daystar, God TV and Sid Roth's, It's Supernatural.

Every episode of Power for Life is available as both video and audio podcasts. MSM offers FREE podcasts that can be downloaded to your computer or podcast player.

We also minister the word through books, CD's, MP3's (audio download), DVD's and MP4's (video download). The anointing is tangible and transferable and is spread through these powerful resources. To access these resources please visit our Online Resource Center.

We have also producing a line of digitally mastered and recorded Soaking CD's that combine the reading of scripture with spontaneous prayer and prophecy. Original music is written for each CD along with prophetic singers singing the word of the Lord with the scriptures and prayers. The first CD is Healing in His Wings - Encountering the Healing Presence of Christ. It carries a tangible healing anointing and ministers life, healing and wholeness to the spirit, soul and body. Our second Prayer CD is Awakening - Encountering the Manifest Glory of God. 

3. MSM Missions: International Miracle Crusades and Missions Outreach

Matt travels throughout the nations preaching in crusades and mass gatherings of thousands in nations such as India, Africa, South America and more. The gospel is preached in the power of the Spirit with signs and wonders following. Many are healed and delivered by the power of the Spirit testifying to the reality of Jesus Christ. Mass miracles and deliverances occur with mass salvation. A network of local churches then follow-up those saved with local church discipleship. Our India Crusade was televised live into over 100,000 homes across southern India.

Teams from around the country are raised up and given the opportunity to minister the gospel with Matt throughout the nations seeing and partaking in the demonstration of signs, wonders and miracles and personally leading many to faith in Christ.

4. Regional Pastors and Leaders Gatherings

We minister not only in regional conferences and international crusades but also to pastors and leaders, both in this country and abroad. Matt has hosted conferences for thousands of  pastors in India and also has ministered in 5-fold leaders gatherings throughout America. Pastoring for 5 years himself, Matt has a heart for leaders. There are many in leadership who are tired and discouraged and need a time of refreshing and encouragement in the presence of the Lord. Matt's heart is to see godly leaders established in character and holiness, as well as moving in the power and demonstration of the Spirit.


If you would be interested in having Matt in for your regional gathering or conference then please fill out our online invitation form and your request will be prayed over and quickly responded to.

Also if you would be interested in serving the Lord with this ministry as part of the MSM team then please contact us at 631-696-4950 or email [email protected] Thank you.