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Matt Sorger Ministries

Australia Glory Tour 2015 - Oct 30, 2015


Australia Glory Tour 2015


Thank you partners for helping me and Stephanie bring God’s healing glory to the nations. In October we ministered all throughout Australia in 8 different locations in 19 meetings, including Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Melbourne. God’s glory overshadowed the entire trip releasing healing, deliverance and a fresh anointing. Lives were dramatically encountered and transformed.

“At some points during our Australia Glory Tour the presence of God was so heavy I could hardly stand. Waves of God’s glory saturated hundreds of people, healing sickness and setting captives free!”
- Matt Sorger


In our very last meeting of the trip in Melbourne, Australia something amazing happened. A mom and dad had traveled for over an hour to get to the meeting with their autistic son. They were believing God for a miracle. As they brought the child to Jesus, I laid hands on him and agreed for a miracle healing of his mind and autism. A few hours later after receiving prayer the child began to transform. He looked at his parents and began to emotionally and verbally connect with them! This was the first time this had happened since the child was born. The mother’s broken heart was healed as God healed her son of autism. He began to speak and could look them in the eye and recognize them as his parents!

Partners, your prayers and giving helped bring a miracle to this child! How exciting is that!

One common testimony I kept receiving during the tour: “It has been years since I felt the presence and anointing of God like this!” So many were filled in a new way with God’s glory.



Under the Tangible Glory for Over 13 Days!

“I wanted to thank you for coming to Glory City Church in Brisbane, Australia. Thank you for releasing the Glory of God. I have been crying out to God for 16 years for His tangible presence. I have longed for Him with a desperate heart. And now since your meeting I have been under the anointing for 13 days! Thank you for allowing God to use you. So grateful to be totally wrapped in the Glory & Presence of the Holy Spirit. We hope you & Stephanie come back to Brisbane soon. Much love in Jesus. Bless you.”
- Mariushca (Brisbane, Australia)

Transformed and Healed

“Thank you Matt and Stephanie for your amazing ministry. Pete and I are so grateful to the Lord for bringing you across our lives and for the power of the Holy Spirit touching and transforming our lives. We left the Awakening Conference transformed and healed. We are so grateful to the Lord for you both. May God richly bless you.”
- Helen and Peter Doherty (Bowral, Australia)

Friends Delivered

“Sincere thanks Matt & Steph for your obedience. You have been so much more of a blessing than you could imagine. I was blessed 'out of my socks' seeing friends delivered and touched deeply by God. Keep bringing the anointing. This nation will be a better one by the time you leave!”
- Ann Woods (Bowral, Australia)

Set Free from Suicide!

“You were incredible. I feel like after you prayed for me individually and asked for the suicidal thoughts and any boundaries to be taken from me, they honestly have been. I'm sitting here with the clearest mind I've had in ages! In fact, I tried to think of suicide to see if I really did have a clean mind and when I tried, it did not appeal to me at all. Your prayer over me was so powerful. Thank you Matt.”
Tyler (Sydney, Australia)

Thank You Monthly Partners!


Thank you monthly Power Partners for helping me reach souls around the world! Your prayers & giving are changing lives for eternity. Many were saved, healed and set free because of your faithful giving.

I so appreciate our monthly partners. MSM sows a new audio teaching in CD and MP3 each month as a special thanks to our partners. If you would like to receive this monthly teaching and come under the prayer cover of MSM, you can join our partner family by clicking the link below.