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Don’t Let Offense Stop Your Destiny - New Teaching - Oct 6, 2018

This may be the MOST IMPORTANT message I have ever taught. It is changing lives and setting people free. I want to share with you the moments I could have been trapped in bitterness. The mistreatment and unjust suffering I endured at different times in my life. And the lessons I learned along the way of how forgiveness positioned me for promotion and increase.

There is NOTHING that can stop God’s blessings on your life, except ONE THING.

I want you to read this really carefully.

People can’t stop God’s blessings on you. The free-will choices, behavior and words of others can’t stop God’s blessings on you. The plans and strategies of the enemy can’t stop God’s blessings on you. Circumstances outside of your control can’t stop God’s blessings on you.

No person, demon or thing can stop God’s blessings on you.

I’ve discovered that the only thing that can stop God’s blessings on you, is YOU.

Here’s a real life example. Joseph was a man who faced a lot of walls of hindrance and opposition. When we read about his life in Genesis we see he faced the walls of the pit his brothers threw him into. The walls of the slave house his brothers sold him off into. And the walls of the dungeon he was thrown into after being falsely accused. He faced the walls that came from the free will choices of others. He faced the walls of false accusation, betrayal, anger, and mistreatment.

From an external point of view it looked like Joseph’s brothers were successfully stopping God’s plan and blessing on Joseph’s life. But really they weren’t. Every single thing the enemy designed to take Joseph out was used by God to re-position him into the right place, at the right time to experience the fulfillment of God’s plan. God is doing the same for you!

God is the Master Re-Designer!

Psa 105:17 says, “He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold as a slave.”

This scripture seems to give two opposite statements. Sold by man and sent by God. To me being sold and being sent are two very different things. But really we are seeing two different perspectives.

Sold by man, earthly perspective.

Sent by God, heavenly perspective.

Joseph had a higher perspective to see things from God’s point of view. Although he was sold as a slave, he knew he was sent by God. Because he could see things from God’s perspective, his heart was empowered to forgive. Because he forgave, his heart was free from bitterness and offense. Because his heart was free, he could experience God’s unstoppable blessing.

Undealt with offense is one of the greatest blessing killers I know. Offense can block and hinder God’s destiny and blessing on your life.

In Gen 50:20 when Joseph sees his brothers he says, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good…for the saving of many lives.”

Joseph was raised to power and authority with no offense in his heart. He used his power to help and save people. If he had unresolved offense in his heart, he would have most likely used his power to hurt people because hurt people, hurt people. This would have short circuited his destiny! His divine purpose!

I have seen people taken out by offense. I have seen people’s hearts eaten away by bitterness. The root of bitterness defiles many. I have seen this root tear apart families. I have seen this root completely steal people’s joy and peace. I have seen this root short circuit God’s blessings in people’s lives.

I have had some serious moments in my life where offense could have stopped God’s plan for me. But rather than remaining bitter, I chose to forgive! And the walls that appeared to be blocking my future were nothing to God!

You have the choice today to choose God’s perspective, disempower the enemy and the free-will choices of people around you, and experience EVERY GOOD THING God has planned for you.


I want to share with you the moments I could have been trapped in bitterness. The mistreatment and unjust suffering I endured at different times in my life. And the lessons I learned along the way of how forgiveness positioned me for promotion and increase.

I recently preached a four part teaching series called BREAK THE POWER OF OFFENSE. In this series I teach on how to get God’s perspective on every hurtful, painful thing you have ever experienced. How to experience the re-design power of God. How to forgive even when things seem unforgivable. How to be healed in your soul of life’s trauma and steward your soul in wholeness and experience complete breakthrough and freedom!

I share from my own personal life and journey.

People have told me this series is changing their lives. Everywhere I go on the road people are being set free! Destinies are being opened. Hearts are being healed.

I want to encourage you to invest in this teaching series today. It will change your life and heal your heart of every wrong thing ever done to you. Get ready to experience God’s unstoppable blessing and fulfillment!

Life is full of opportunities to be offended, angry and bitter. Things happen outside of your control and can bring hurt and pain into your life. It can almost look like the blessing of God is being robbed from you. In this series you will learn how to break the power of offense and experience God's unstoppable blessing. You will learn how ALL things work together for your good and for God's purposes. You will learn how to transform your place of pain into a place of power. Your greatest struggle is about to become your greatest breakthrough.

Teachings Include:
Going Over the Wall
Favor Makes a Way
Thrive in the Threshing Floor
Stewarding Your Soul

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