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Matt Sorger Ministries

Lifestyle Miracle Ministry - Cultivating a Life of Healing & Miracles - Aug 7, 2015

Our Day of Healing, Breakthrough and Glory in NY was a wonderful time of receiving from God’s presence and being trained and empowered in God’s word. Not only were people equipped for healing ministry, but many also received healing, deliverance and breakthrough in their own lives. During the closing healing service, many came forward testifying of total healing in their bodies!

Cultivating a Lifestyle Miracle Ministry
During the opening session, Matt Sorger ministered on practical ways you can cultivate a lifestyle of miracles where you see the sick healed everywhere you go, not just during good church services. True authentic power and authority doesn’t flow from a formula, but from a relationship. You can know what you have and how to give it away to others. You can be so full of light that God’s power overflows from you everywhere you go. Matt also teaches on the apostolic message that accompanied miracles in the early church. This message will empower you to live in miracles on a daily basis.

Ministering from Your True Identity
Stephanie Sorger, Matt’s wife, taught a powerful message on how to minister from your true identity. When you live under the labels others have put on you, you can’t access the full blessings of a son or daughter. But once you know who you truly are, you will be unstoppable. Stephanie teaches how to overcome a striving, orphaned spirit and receive everything the Father has for you as a son or daughter. She also shares from her own personal healing story and teaches on the power of persevering prayer.

Healing Grace
Veronica Sorger, Matt’s mom, preached a powerful message on God’s healing grace. Everything you need in life is found at the throne of grace. Veronica teaches on the power of love and grace and how to go low in God’s love to see people as God sees them. There is faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love! There is a grace that empowers you to see the captives set free and healed. As you listen to this teaching, you will be empowered with that tangible grace.

"This was one of the best messages I’ve heard on God’s supernatural grace." -Matt Sorger

Accessing Heavenly Places for Healing
Everything you need for healing ministry has already been accomplished by Christ on the cross. We don’t need to live like beggars. We can live as sons and daughters and receive every blessing in Christ in the heavenly places. Matt teaches you how to access healing in the heavenly places in Christ. He teaches you how to operate in God’s healing power and see what has already been accomplished in heaven established on the earth. You have the keys of the kingdom and Matt teaches you how to use them. This teaching will lift the earthly limits off of your life and teach you to live from a higher, heavenly place.

This four-part teaching series was produced from our one day event with Stephanie, Veronica, and myself. If you missed this day, you can still receive the teaching and impartation! This series is available in both CD and MP3. I encourage you to get the word of God into your heart so you can see the limits come off and sickness and oppression defeated in your life and in the life of those you come into contact with.

If you desire to be more effective in ministering the healing power of God to others, I encourage you to get these four messages.