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MSM podcasts are totally FREE. Below we've provided instructions on how to subscribe as well as a few FAQ'S about podcasting. We hope that you enjoy Matt's podcasts and find it an easy service to use.

How do I receive podcasts?

Simply click on the link below to subscribe using your web browser. If you have iTunes or another feed reader you can select it from the web page that follows or just copy the link into Juice or another feed reader if you prefer.



1. Matt Sorger Video Podcast


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2. Matt Sorger Audio Podcast




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How do I get iTunes?

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How do I receive podcasts without iTunes?

If you don't have iTunes you may still subscribe to the podcast  through a variety of ways. One way is to use an RSS feedreader  such as Juice or directly through your browser.

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How do listen to podcasts if I don't have an iPod, iPhone or iPad?

Podcasting actually only requires a computer. The role of an Apple® iPod™ in podcasting is to give the option of bringing the podcast with you on the go. Fortunately most any other MP3 player can also be synced with a computer containing podcasts and used in place of an iPod.

We hope you enjoy your experience as you watch, listen and grow!

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