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Breakthrough Conference

Feb 6, 2018

I was at the Breakthrough Conference this weekend in Stony Brook.  My sister-in-law Jeanne and I went to your class, we came back for the 7:00 service, and then we stayed over and went to the 9:00 am service all at Church On The Sound.

We had an awesome time!  It is so great to see a contemporary couple who have an anointed ministry such as yours!  It is so meaningful the way you invite Stephanie up to the altar for her to greet, give a scripture, and pray over everyone.
When you prayed over all of us on Saturday and asked for the love of the Lord to come down upon us, I felt God's love at that moment!

Your teaching and preaching was amazing!  I learned about spiritual gifts, and about blockages/walls in breakthroughs. I loved hearing about the wall at Jericho still being intact underground like the "Mighty hand of God" came down and pressed it down!

I also appreciated hearing that faith is enacted by the love of God.  I had heard the story of the woman in the wheelchair from my sister-in-law. She even showed me the video of her testimony about the day she was healed.  But, the way you connected the fact that the love and compassion the woman had for the sick child enacted her faith, and was subsequently healed, was a revelation to me.

What also hit home was to be a good steward of my spiritual gifts, my emotions, and my pain!  Each session's message was eye opening in some way!

The church worship team, the pastors, the greeters, your family and all the volunteers were wonderful too!  The whole church is anointed!

I happened upon your ministry when I was searching Benny Hinn, and Kathryn Kuhlman on the Internet.  I found Heidi Baker, Steve Hill, and then you. I sewed into one of your ministries over the summer, and purchased your Mentoring In The Glory online download also over the summer.

Thank you for providing such a life changing experience!