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India Children’s Home

The Mission

Matt Sorger Ministries has built a beautiful girls home in India that rescues young girls from a life of homelessness and abuse on the streets. Our girls home is parented by wonderful Christian Indian women. The children are provided with food, clothing and shelter in a full care facility. The girls have prayer time and bible study each day. They attend public school and are transformed into beautiful young Christian women who will have a powerful impact in their society. Each are trained in various fields and go on to higher college education and live successful, productive lives.

The Problem

Who is a Homeless Child?
A person under age 18 who is living in a shelter, motel, vehicle, campground, on the street, in substandard housing, or doubled-up with friends and relatives due to a lack of housing. Runaway, throwaway teens and abandoned children are also considered homeless.

According to a report published by the United Nations, there are 150 million children aged three to 18 years on our streets today—and their numbers are growing fast. 40% of the world's street children are homeless, the other 60% work on the street to support their families. UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO) and several NGO's have got disputing figures in their account of street children. According to CRY (Child Relief and You) about 60 million Indian children under the age of 6 live below the poverty line. The problem has become particularly acute for homeless children, one-fifth of whom receive no education.

According to Indian Embassy figures, there are 314,700 children living on the streets of Bombay [Mumbai], Calcutta [Kolkata], Madras [Chennai], Kanpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and another 100,000 live in New Delhi; however, these numbers may not reflect the true picture, as accurate census information is difficult to collect. In truth, millions of India's children are denied even the most basic rights of survival and protection. Children living on the streets are especially vulnerable to victimization, exploitation, and the abuse of their civil and economic rights.

Reasons for Homelessness of Children

Children are abandoned, orphaned, or thrown out of their homes. They have no choice and finally end up on streets. It may be because of the mistreatment, neglect or that their homes do not or cannot provide them with even the basic necessities. Many children also work on  streets because their earnings are needed by their families. The reasons for these children's homelessness may be interlinked with social, economic, political, environmental causes or a combination of any of these. UNICEF defines street children as “children who work on the streets of urban areas, without reference to the time there or to the reasons for being there.”

Impact of Homelessness on Children

Homelessness influences every facet of a child’s life — from conception to young adulthood. The experience of homelessness inhibits the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral development of children. Difficulties faced by homeless children include depression, low self-esteem, lack of sleep and nutrition and feelings of shame and embarrassment. These children are exposed to the harsher realities of life.
Some of the challenges they face are listed below.

Abuse: Many of the street children who have run away from home because they were beaten or sexually abused. Tragically, their homelessness can lead to further abuse through exploitative child labor and prostitution. Street children are routinely detained illegally, beaten, tortured and sometimes killed by police in some countries.

Child Labor: A common job usually street children do is rag-picking, in which boys and girls as young as 6 years old sift through garbage in order to collect recyclable material. Rag-pickers can be seen alongside pigs and dogs searching through trash heaps on their hands and knees. Other common jobs are the collecting of firewood, tending to animals, street vending, dyeing, begging, prostitution and domestic labor. Children that work are not only subject to the strains and hazards of their labor but are also denied the education or training that could enable them to escape the poverty trap. Child laborers suffer from exhaustion, injury, exposure to dangerous chemicals in addition muscle and bone afflictions.

Health: Poor health is a chronic problem for street children. Half of all children in India are malnourished, but for street children the proportion is much higher. These children are not only underweight, but their growth has often been stunted; for example, it is very common to mistake a 12 year old for an 8 year old. Street children live and work amidst trash, animals and open sewers. Not only are they exposed and susceptible to disease, they are also unlikely to be vaccinated or receive medical treatment.

Addiction: Many street children use a number of inhalants (glue, gasoline, lighter fluid) and illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine and heroin).

The Solution

Matt Sorger Ministries is seeking to be a part of the solution to this overwhelming condition destroying the lives of children. With our Girls Home we are seeking to touch and rescue the lives of these young girls. You can be a part of the solution as well. If you’d like to make a contribution to our MSM Missions Outreach Program, please sow a seed of love, freedom and healing using the donation box on this page. Thank you for your heart of love and compassion.

“True love is shown through the deeds we do.” ~ Matt Sorger


Map of Area

Below is a map of the general area of where our mission is located: