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Are You a Feeler? Free Webinar Discerning of Spirits - May 19, 2018

Do you sense things in the spirit realm? Do you ever feel oppression around you? Are you not sure what to do with the things you feel?

You need to join my FREE webinar on Discerning of Spirits!

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Baby Announcement - Brayden James Sorger Has Arrived! - May 12, 2018

Welcome to the world Brayden James Sorger!

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Amazing Update! Young Boys Rescued from Trafficking! - May 5, 2018

Please take a minute to read this brief, but very important update! We have very exciting news to share with you!

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NEW Free Video Teaching - Apr 28, 2018

Get ready to step out of the boat and go where you have never gone before. Learn how to live in God's faith on today's show.

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New Teaching - Breaking Generational Weaknesses - Apr 14, 2018

Over the years I’ve heard it taught that as Christians we need to be set free from generational curses. I want to clarify the terminology used in this deliverance teaching.

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