Matt Sorger Ministries
Matt Sorger Ministries

Beginning 2016 Strong - Dec 17, 2015

2015 has been a powerful year with many lives transformed by God’s power through MSM. Thanks to your giving and partnership MSM has been able to travel around the world touching thousands of lives with the glory of God. Many have been healed and set free this past year in the United States, Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Australia. Thousands more have been touched through the media outreach of Power for Life.

Here are just a few highlights.

- A child with Autism was healed. (Australia)

- A girl was set free from suicide. (Australia)

- A man was instantly healed of bladder cancer. (Norway)

- A woman’s deaf ears pop open. (Denmark)

- A man is delivered from epilepsy, trauma and seizures. (Texas, USA)

Rescuing Sex-Trafficked Girls - Rescue1

Throughout this year God has filled our hearts for the exploited and defenseless. We have recently launched a brand new campaign called Rescue1. As a ministry we have committed to rescuing and caring for 300 children-at-risk in Andra Pradesh in southern India. These children include sex-slave children, children living on the street, as well as young children diagnosed with AIDS with no where to live and with no one to love them.

There is so much in our hearts that we want to do, but we need your help!

I am asking you to consider sowing an extra generous donation at the end of 2015 to help Matt Sorger Ministries launch into 2016 with strength and effectiveness.

***For your donation of any amount I will send you a FREE gift of my newest MP3 Teaching Set, Out with the Old - In with the New. All around the world people have been telling me how these messages have helped them transition into their new season. You can start 2016 entering into your new season!

Please respond today and sow the most generous donation you can before the end of 2015.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to respond and helping us to transform lives by God's power.