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Decree for 7-fold Financial Restoration - Aug 28, 2015


A Decree for Seven-Fold Financial Restoration

By Matt Sorger


“But if he is found out, he must restore seven times [what he stole]; he must give the whole substance of his house [if necessary – to meet his fine]. Prov 6:31 (AMP)

When the thief has been discovered to have stolen something, he must not only return what he stole, but he must give back seven times as much. Not only that, he must give his whole house away if necessary to pay back the fines he owes. As we exercise our authority in Christ by decreeing His word, the enemy and thief is going to have to pay back everything he has tried to steal from you. This truth has worked powerfully in my own life. Let me share with you an example.

Stolen Funds

There was a church I was ministering at where the power of God moved in a mighty way. There was a great blessing of God’s glory and presence released in the meetings. The church received an offering for our ministry during the service. After the meetings were over, the church gave us a check for what came in the offering. When I saw the amount, I thought possibly a mistake had been made or that the offering just hadn’t been fully processed yet. I knew in my heart that much more had actually come in for our ministry. I was hurt and felt like my trust had been betrayed. I never imagined that the pastor would take money out of our offering, especially since it was announced to the people that everything being given in the offering was for our ministry. My initial reaction was one of hurt and disappointment. Had I not taken control of my soul and brought it under submission to the Holy Spirit, those feelings would have soon turned into offense.

God is Just and Fair

I had a choice to make. As I prayed and sought the Lord, He brought me to 1 Pet 3:9-11. The revelation that God is a just and fair God hit my spirit. I realized that if I would pray and release a blessing over the pastor, it would only increase God’s blessing in my own life. I couldn’t lose. Then God brought me to Proverbs 6:31. I suddenly realized that I had the authority to decree a seven-fold return of everything that was taken. As I went into prayer, I declared that whatever was taken out of our offering must be returned with a seven-fold increase. I knew God was bigger than my circumstances and bigger than the actions of any person. Rather than demanding that our offering be given, I trusted God to bring a seven-fold financial blessing into our ministry.

Divine Financial Provision Released

As I made the seven-fold decree, suddenly that very week checks began to show up in the mail. Large donations for the ministry came in from several unexpected places. Our online resource orders shot through the roof and that following week, we received one of the largest offerings our ministry has ever experienced at the next church we ministered at. The thief had to give back seven-times and then some! When you choose to bless, you will reap blessing! When you choose to love, even when it is hard, God will turn all things for your good and override the sinful choices of other people that affect your life. Let’s pray right now and ask God to reveal to you any area that has been affected by the thief. Once the thief has been discovered, he must return seven-fold what was taken.

Decree for Seven-Fold Restoration

“Heavenly Father, show me where the thief has tried to rob from my life. Right now I pray blessing, love, well-being, protection, and provision upon every person that has hurt me. I choose to walk in love. I speak blessing over them and forgive them, in Jesus name. I release them into Your hands. I command everything that the thief has taken to be restored in Jesus name.  I command the thief to repay seven times what he stole. In Jesus name, I command every fine to be paid and I empty the storehouse of the thief! I command the thief to restore seven times everything that he has ever taken from me, in Jesus name. Amen.”

You Can Live in Biblical Prosperity

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