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Matt Sorger Ministries

How to Shift into Your New Season - Oct 23, 2015

Prophetic Teaching by Matt Sorger


Over the past two years there has been a major shift happening within the body of Christ. It’s not just been the turning of a page or a new chapter in your book. It’s like a whole new book is being written. In this new season literally anything is possible. God is going to anoint you to create with Him. And there will be no self-striving. You are going to live out of the ease and rest of God. From this place of simple obedience to the promptings of the Spirit you are going to receive divine creative ideas and strategies and see a double portion harvest come in. Just like when Jesus told Peter to throw his nets into the water in Luke 5:5. Peter had already been fishing all night long, but caught nothing. He was exhausted. But in obedience to the word of Jesus he threw his nets in again, catching not just one boat load, but two boat loads of fish. One word from Jesus changed everything! From the ease of obedience Peter received a double portion harvest of fish.


Traveling internationally I get a global perspective of what is happening within the church. We have entered into a new season. The transition has been happening over the past one to two years. Whenever a shift happens corporately, it also happens individually. You may have noticed things changing in your life. God has been realigning you for your new season. When shifting of seasons happen, things change in our lives affecting our activities, focus, vision and even relationships. The most challenging part of shifting seasons is letting go of things from our past season. This is where most people get stuck. Human nature gravitates towards the familiar and it’s difficult to leave our comfort zones. But when God is shifting us into a new place there will be things from our past season that won’t be able to go with us into our new season.


Each season reaches a point of fulfillment where the purposes of God for that time have been completed. Once a season reaches fulfillment you hit the ceiling of that season. If a shift is not made you plateau and eventually stagnate. It’s important to understand that just because something was amazing in your last season doesn’t mean it’s meant for your new season. It’s easy to let go of the negative things. The hard part is letting go of the things we thought were great. But just because it was God’s will and a great thing in your past season, doesn’t mean it will be great in your new season. Each season has it’s purpose and once that purpose is completed you need to shift into the new.


You know the season is changing when the grace of God begins to lift off of you for something. The same joy and fulfillment is no longer there. Something is changing. When this shift first starts to happen we often wonder what is wrong and we have to process what is happening. This is different from a temporary discouragement the enemy would try to bring. Don’t confuse a temporary attack of the enemy with the shift of a season. As time goes by you will know more deeply within yourself that things are changing and you need to make a shift.


I want to help you make the shift so you don’t stagnate in the old, but can move fully into the new and every amazing thing God has for you. The possibilities are limitless. What the Lord showed me was that the ceiling of our past season has now become the floor of our new season. But this can only happen if we fully yield and surrender our self-will to God. This is the key to shifting seasons. In prayer you must surrender your will to God and let go of anything that no longer has the fresh breath of God on it. You must be willing to let go of the old to make room for the new. Once you surrender it sets the will of God into motion bringing you into your new season. New things will become established in your life and you will begin to birth and create new things with God.


I recently preached a series of prophetic teachings on this topic and it has been resonating deeply within people’s hearts. I have had pastors tell me that this message was the key to their church making the shift into their new season as a church. It’s helping churches, ministries and people align with God and move into the new things God has for them. Because I know the impact these messages are having on people as I travel I want to make them available to you today. You can order them in both CD and MP3.