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Matt Sorger Ministries

Receive a Healing Prayer from Matt Now - Oct 16, 2015

Jesus came to heal the sick and set the oppressed free. There is power in prayer for YOU to receive your healing and freedom today. I took some time in our studio to release a special prayer of healing and freedom for you! I pray as you watch this video, that God's healing power flows through your entire body!

Please share this video with someone you know who needs healing in their body.

Here are some recent healing testimonies from our meetings on the road to encourage your faith in God's healing power.

"Thank you Matt and Stephanie for your amazing ministry. Pete and I are so grateful to the Lord for bringing you across our lives and for the power of the Holy Spirit touching and transforming our lives. We left the Awakening conference transformed and healed." -Helen Doherty

"I feel like after you prayed for me individually and asked for the suicidal thoughts and any boundaries to be taken from me, they honestly have been. I'm sitting here with the clearest mind I've had in ages. In fact, I tried to think of suicide to see if I really did have a clean mind and when I tried, it did not appeal to me at all. Your prayer over me was so powerful. Thank you Matt." -Tyler

"I was in Bowral, Matt. On the drive there God spoke to me and it was exactly what you were talking about later that same night!  I am moving into a new level with Him.  Thanks so much Steph and Matt for coming! So grateful." -Chris

"Sincere thanks Matt & Steph...for your have been so much more of a blessing than you could imagine...blessed 'out of my socks' seeing friends delivered and touched deeply by God...keep bringing the anointing...this nation will be a better one by the time you leave!" -Ann Woods

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Warmest Blessings,