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Matt Sorger Ministries

Urgent - I Need Your Help - Dec 18, 2015

As we near Christmas I am writing today to share my heart with you. I am going to be bold and transparent. We need your help. MSM has launched a new ministry outreach called Rescue1. The goal is to rescue 300 children from the sex-slave industry, as well as those at-risk and children suffering with AIDS in India. They have been thrown away and forgotten, left to fend for themselves. MSM has committed to rescuing and supporting these 300 children. We are adopting them as our own. We have already rescued 100 children and have taken on the responsibility of supporting them each month.

It’s a big task, but we want to bless these precious little ones during Christmas this year. We need $9,100 by December 20 to make this happen. I am asking you to help me bless these little ones for Christmas this year. I need you to respond as soon as possible.

From now until February they have winter and it will be cold for them. They are currently lacking proper clothing and shoes. None of the children have winter jackets and they all need winter wool shirts. Each child also needs new sandals for their feet. And they also need new blankets. For Christmas we want to bless each child with a new outfit, a winter jacket, shoes, and a special Christmas meal. This will cost $55 per child. We also need three new washing machines for the children to be able to wash their clothes, as well as three power inverters to provide electricity to our three children’s homes.

Here’s the exact breakdown:

Washing Machine - need 3 - $600 per machine - $1,800 total

Power Inverter - need 3 - $600 per inverter - $1,800 total

Christmas Gift - $55 each - for 100 children

            - Winter Jacket - $14

            - Shoes - $6

            - New Outfit - $20

            - Christmas Meal - $5

            - Christmas Gift - $10        

            - Total - $55 per child

Grand Total Need: $9,100

Will you please sow your most generous seed today so these children can experience the joy of Christmas? I thank you in advance for responding as quickly as possible so we can buy their gifts in time for Christmas.

Thank you in advance for acting quickly so we can bring joy to these lost and forgotten ones who have been found and rescued by Jesus and our Rescue1 mission.

With Love and Appreciation,

Matt and Stephanie Sorger